Why Continuous Delivery and DevOps are Product Managers’ Best Friends

Why should you care about DevOps and continuous delivery (CD)?  The main reason you should care is because CD and DevOps have positively transformed businesses.  Some examples of these businesses include Etsy, Netflix, Amazon, The Guardian, and Expedia.  The transformations businesses who are doing CD and have a DevOps culture have improved by increasing responsiveness, getting feedback sooner, reducing risks and wastes which saves money, facilitating the creation of higher quality products and more! To keep reading, read the following article by Suzie Prince:

In the first part of this series, I explained what these buzzword-y “Continuous Delivery” (CD) and “DevOps” things are and started to touch on why you should care. But really, why should you care about these practices? Here’s why continuous delivery is a product manager’s new BFF.

Continuous Delivery is Transformative to Businesses

The main reason you should care about CD and DevOps is that it is transformative to businesses. Time and time again, organisations you admire, which produce products people love, reveal that they are doing Continuous Delivery and/or Continuous Deployment, and have a DevOps culture. Some good examples of companies that do this would be Etsy, Netflix and Amazon.

But CD and DevOps have not just helped Silicon Valley darlings to get big: CD has helped transform organizations all over the world. The Guardian is a great example of an older business who embraced the benefits CD brings by moving from a bimonthly release cycle to making tens of thousands of automated deployments a year. And the benefit for them?

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