Three Pillars of Continuous Delivery

Each developer and engineer has their own perspective in what they consider to be crucial in continuous delivery.  It is helpful to see all the different point of views to have a better understanding on what is needed to successfully achieve continuous delivery.  In his article, Robert Firek talks about what he considers to be the three pillars to a good continuous delivery.  These pillars are automation, rapid response, and team effort.

Some time ago I was invited to take part in a online panel about continuous delivery. Continuous Discussions is a series of one-hour long panel discussions between people from different backgrounds about various aspects of continuous delivery. The topic of my panel was Deployment Automation 2.0 where we spoke about patterns in the automation of deployments and possible future changes in this area.

At the beginning, we were asked to define “Must Have’s” of any deployment automation. When I was looking for these “Must Have’s” I tried to identify the elements which were most important for me during the introduction of continuous delivery. What struck me the most was taking many things required by this process for granted. Tools or the readiness of an organisation for automation were not always in my mind when I started to automate “things” in different projects. This preparation gave me the possibility to identify my three pillars of good continuous delivery.

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