Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Integration – Wait huh?

If you are confused about the difference in the buzzwords continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous integration, then you might find it helpful to read Michael Chietsos’ article.  In his article, Michael tries to dispel this confusion by briefly going into detail about what each term means.

We have been writing a lot about Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration and have discussed Continuous Deployment in our blog series.  If you are like most people these buzzwords are confusing and often misused.  I am going to try to dispel some of the confusion surrounding these processes and how they can all work together to provide a kickass environment that Managers, Developers and Customers love alike.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the practice of merging development work with a Master/Trunk/Mainline branch constantly so that you can test changes, and test that changes work with other changes.  The idea here is to test your code as often as possible to catch issues early.  Most of the work is done by automated tests, and this technique requires a unit test framework.  Typically there is a build server performing these tests, so developers can continue working while tests are being performed.

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