How LaunchDarkly Serves Over 4 Billion Feature Flags Daily

In this stackshare post, John Kodumal, CTO of LaunchDarkly, discusses how LaunchDarkly serves over 4 billion feature flags daily.

Feature flagging (wrapping a feature in a flag that’s controlled outside of deployment) is a technique for effective continuous delivery. For example, you can wrap a new signup form in a feature flag and then control which users see that form, all without having to redeploy code or modify a database. Engineering-driven companies (think Google, Facebook, Twitter) invest heavily in custom-built feature flag management systems to roll features out to whom they want, when they want. Smaller companies build and maintain their own feature flagging infrastructure or using simple open source projects that often don’t even have a UI. I was previously an engineering manager at Atlassian, where I’d seen a team work on an internal feature flagging system, so I was aware of the complexity of the problem and the investment required to build a product that addressed the needs of larger development teams and enterprises. That’s where we saw an opportunity to start LaunchDarkly.