Feature Toggle Management with Hobknob

Hobknob is a feature toggle front-end built on top of etcd. It allows users to create and modify feature toggles, which can then be accesesed in your applications.


Features in Hobknob are grouped by application. Each application can have many, uniquely named features. Each feature will either have one on/off toggle or many on/off toggles (see Categories below). This gives us a simple way to identify toggles – ApplicationName/FeatureName[/SecondaryKey].


Sometimes we need more granularity when toggling features, for example, a feature might be turned on for the .com website but not for the .co.uk website.

Hobknob has the concept of feature categories, where you can define secondary keys for each feature. This gives you the ability to set and get toggle values for App/Feature/SecondaryKey.

For the above example, we could define a category called ‘Domain Feature Toggles’ and set the list of possible key values as ['com', 'couk', 'fr', 'de', ...]. Then we could set App/Feature/com to true and App/Feature/couk to false.

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