Author: Jonathan Stagnaro author and contributor.

Using Feature Toggles for Controlled Feature Rollouts

This article by Eric Rafaloff discusses the benefits of using feature toggles for incremental feature rollouts.  He talks about a Rollout Library that enables a basic feature toggle implementation using feature flippers. Role-based authorization is a common requirement in modern web applications. In the Rails ecosystem, there are several great open source libraries that provide this […]

Architecting a Better Rollout with Continuous Delivery

LaunchDarkly and Codeship recently released a webinar on Continuous Delivery.  They talk about the newest ways to implement continuous delivery using automated tools and feature flags. Quality assurance doesn’t end after you deploy. In a recent webinar hosted jointly by Codeship andLaunchDarkly, Codeship co-founder Florian Motlik said, “While QA is undoubtedly important, you need to extend […]

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