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Megan Ellis is the main author and columnist for --- She specializes in DevOps, continuous delivery, and feature flag driven development.

How LaunchDarkly Serves Over 4 Billion Feature Flags Daily

In this stackshare post, John Kodumal, CTO of LaunchDarkly, discusses how LaunchDarkly serves over 4 billion feature flags daily. Feature flagging (wrapping a feature in a flag that’s controlled outside of deployment) is a technique for effective continuous delivery. For example, you can wrap a new signup form in a feature flag and then control […]

DZone’s Guide to Continuous Delivery

Looking to get a little deeper into continuous delivery? Dzone has good reading material that could boost your understanding of continuous delivery and other areas of interest.  The reading material goes a little in-depth but the material is not as heavy as your average book.  All you need is to create a free account to […]

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Looking for a very brief summary on continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment?  Although it lacks depth, Hitesh_Mistry’s article might be beneficial for those who are getting introduced to the very basics. Introduction We generally come across terms like continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment while following Software model like Agile methodology. Mostly, these […]

5 Traits of a Good Delivery Pipeline

Continuous delivery provides great benefits but how does a team know that they have a good delivery pipeline? In his article, Marcos Brizeno talks about projects he has worked on and the common traits that were missing when his team ran into trouble.  These traits are building quality into the product, providing quick and effective feedback, requiring minimal manual […]

Feature Branching Using Feature Flags

Engineering teams have adopted distributed version control systems like GitHub and BitBucket to allow collaboration between developers within a central codebase and use branches (feature branching) to make updates or develop new features.  Unfortunately, feature branching has some shortcomings such as having code to be reverted or redeployed when application features need to be enabled or […]

Deployment Debt – Make Continuous Delivery Visible

Technical debt is a common term you probably have heard about while working in improving continuous delivery. However, deployment debt is probably something you have never heard about.  In his article, Philipp Garbe tries to explain what deployment debt is, how it should be measured, and why it is useful to keep in mind. You probably […]

Powering Continuous Delivery With Feature Flags

In this article, Justin Baker discusses the benefits of feature flags when applied to continuous delivery.  He demonstrates the benefits of flags as a way to enhance continuous delivery, not replace it. Adding feature flags into the continuous delivery cycle enables the separation of feature rollout from code deployment.  This allows teams to conduct percentage rollouts, […]

Feature Toggles and Technical Debt – Management

In this article, Jim Bird discusses the implications of feature toggles and technical debt.  He talks about how they need to be well-managed throughout the entire lifecycle to ensure that your application does not become bloated with bad code and unused flags. Abhishek Tiwaridoes a good job of explaining feature toggles and how they should […]

Agile Is Dead, Long Live Continuous Delivery

Miko from Gradle writes about how continuous delivery should replace Agile because the term Agile has become so watered down that it has lost its meaning. Agile had a long and productive life. Agile had a great run in it’s youth by taking on some obviously bad practices such as “Waterfall” software development. In retrospect, […]

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