Trunk Based Development

Check out this great Dzone article on Trunk Based Development. Trunk Based Development is a style of software development in which all developers commit their changes to a single shared trunk in source control, and every commit yields a production-ready build. It is a prerequisite for Continuous Delivery as it ensures that all code is continuously integrated […]

Top Feature Toggle Tools for 2016

Hey there! I just wanted to point out some cool things regarding feature flag development in 2016.  There seems to be a shift in continuous delivery where we need to satisfy customer demands to release better software faster.  This is the year where canary deployments will become a necessary continuous delivery process. Top Feature Toggle Tools […]

DevOps / Feature Flags / Incremental Rollouts

CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS Every morning, I roll out of bed at 8:01am and lazily reach for my phone to check my Apple News feed.   Sometimes, the app has the audacity to make me wait 2 full seconds before it refreshes my feed with 100 articles from dozens of sources around the web. Unacceptable!  I want my […]

Feature Flags for mobile iOS Released

 SOURCE: EDITH HARBAUGH @launchdarkly Mobile feature flagging has always been the next step for LaunchDarkly. In fact, I’ve heard a drumbeat of questions of “when mobile, when mobile, when mobile?” We’re pleased to announce that yes, LaunchDarkly mobile iOS SDK is now in beta! Mobile feature flagging is perhaps even MORE useful than web feature […]

Feature Flag Driven Development by Justin @ LaunchDarkly

Source: Justin Baker @ LaunchDarkly This article provides a broad and comprehensive overview of feature flag driven development, from gradual rollouts to A/B testing. A TYPICAL AFTERNOON It’s an uneventful Friday afternoon.  You’re ready to head home, hit the gym, and spend time with the family.  The last thing you’d want to do is deploy some new […]

Feature Flag Advanced Uses

Feature flags are great for feature rollouts and canary launches, but what about system-saving functionality?  Imagine being able to funnel all of your traffic away from a broken application to a redundant cloud backup without any service disruption.  That is the true power of feature flags.  It is the ability to toggle sub-sections of your application […]

LaunchDarkly Feature Flag SDKs

LaunchDarkly provides feature flag SDKs for almost all major stacks.  Here is how easy it is to set up a feature flag. Integrate LaunchDarkly into your application in just minutes.  Use our SDKs to get started instantly: iOS Java JavaScript PHP Python Go Node.JS .NET Ruby Python Twisted Create rules for your feature.   Use the […]

What exactly are feature flags?

Feature flags/toggles/controls are a software development best practice of gating functionality, used by companies like Google and Facebook.  Functionality can be deployed “off”, then turned on via the feature flag, separate from deployment. Feature flags let you manage the entire lifecycle of a feature.  Here is an awesome demo courtesy of FF4J that demonstrates the […]

Canary Launches Using Feature Flags

A canary launch (aka canary deployment or canary release) is rolling features out to a small number of users to assess the reaction of the overall system. Are users happier? Is more money made? Does the new feature increase system load? A canary launch allows you to roll out a feature slowly, and measure the […]

Why Feature Flags?

Why should you use feature flags (also called feature toggles, flippers, switches, etc.)? Here’s what the community has to say about why they’re important. “Feature flags are so so valuable. We use this for internal and private beta releases (we did with our recent launch of Podcasts) and plan to do this when we launch […]

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