What exactly are feature flags?

Feature flags/toggles/controls are a software development best practice of gating functionality, used by companies like Google and Facebook.  Functionality can be deployed “off”, then turned on via the feature flag, separate from deployment. Feature flags let you manage the entire lifecycle of a feature.  Here is an awesome demo courtesy of FF4J that demonstrates the […]

Canary Launches Using Feature Flags

A canary launch (aka canary deployment or canary release) is rolling features out to a small number of users to assess the reaction of the overall system. Are users happier? Is more money made? Does the new feature increase system load? A canary launch allows you to roll out a feature slowly, and measure the […]

Why Feature Flags?

Why should you use feature flags (also called feature toggles, flippers, switches, etc.)? Here’s what the community has to say about why they’re important. “Feature flags are so so valuable. We use this for internal and private beta releases (we did with our recent launch of Podcasts) and plan to do this when we launch […]

The 10 ways you should be using feature flags

There are a lot of ways to use feature flags – and not all of them are obvious. Here are just some of the ways in which companies use feature flags: Opt In – Run beta programs on your live application by explicitly including the people you want to see a new feature. Kill Switch – Quickly turn […]

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