Feature Toggle Library for .NET

Jason Roberts’ feature toggle library provides a simple feature control solution for .NET frameworks. I highly recommend checking it out! Feature toggles (also referred to as feature flags, flippers, feature switches, etc) are a technique to turn on or off features in applications. One way of categorising feature toggles is whether they are for the […]

Enterprise Requirements for Managing Feature Flags

This article by LaunchDarkly highlights the requirements for managing feature flags for enterprise organizations. The process of feature flagging is fairly straightforward: you wrap your features in conditionals that determine who can see your features and when. At an enterprise scale, organizations must confront the complexities of mitigating technical debt, managing developer workflows, compliance, and […]

Decoupling Deployment and Release- Feature Toggles By ABHISHEK TIWARI

In this article, Abhishek Tiwari discusses one of the main benefits of feature toggles: separating feature rollout from code deployment.   He highlights the main benefits of feature toggles: decoupling, phased rollouts, and dark launching. Decoupling: In a new world most of web-scale companies have decoupled the deployment from release process. Decoupling the deployment from […]

Continuous Delivery: Feature Toggles

In this article, Rory MacDonald highlights the importance of continuous delivery for ensuring that code is always in a deployable state.  He goes over the benefits and drawbacks of feature toggles and offers ways to ensure developers mitigate technical debt. When practising Continuous Delivery, it’s important that your application is deployable at all times. This can […]

Feature Toggles Revisited

In his article, Grischa Ekart talks about the implementation strategies for feature toggles. how they play into continuous delivery, and how they help developers deliver better software, faster.  He goes on to highlight the different configuration options and theory behind feature toggles. Feature toggles are gaining importance with continuous delivery pipelines in large projects as they […]

Feature Toggles (Feature Switches or Feature Flags) vs Feature Branches

In his article, Viktor Farcic discusses feature toggles versus feature branches within the context of a continuous integration framework.  He talks about the pros and cons, rigidity versus flexibility, and how will feature toggles can fit into your continuous delivery process. Feature Toggles (sometimes called Feature Switches or Feature Flags) should solve the need to be […]

If You Aren’t Using Feature Toggles, Start… Now

In his article, Aaron Nichols discusses the benefits of feature toggles and how they mesh with feature branching.  Toggles are not meant to replace branching, but they compliment branching and make it better – separating your feature rollouts from your code deployments. Search for ‘feature toggle’ in Google, check out the results. The simple fact is […]

Continuous Delivery in Products: Feature Toggles

In this article, Eric Minick talks about the importance of separating feature rollouts from your code deployments.  You can accomplish this by using feature flags / toggles to separate the management of your features from your continuous delivery pipeline. He discusses how the UrbanCode release team uses feature toggles: The UrbanCode team has used feature […]

A Guide to Continuous Delivery and Release Automation for Microservices

Anders Wallgren highlights the role of microservices in the continuous delivery process – a set of independent, compartmentalized services that are tailored towards specific functions.  He talks about the pros and cons of microservices and the best practices for designing CD pipelines for harness these microservices. By splitting the monolithic application into smaller services and decoupling interdependencies […]

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