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Continuous Delivery Can Elevate Developer Productivity

An article posted by the G2 Crowd explains how an effective workflow can improve the work of all your developers while a bad workflow will compromise even the best engineer’s productivity.  The G2 Crowd also shows that the productivity of those developers will most likely affect the end user.  What better way to improve the workflow than to have […]

Using Feature Flags to Ship Changes with Confidence

For those who are new to feature flags, it might be helpful to read Mathias Meyer’s blog which introduces and explains feature flags for continuous integration. Mathias also gives a list of possible uses for feature flags besides the common disabling of features in production.  If you want to ship with confidence, use feature flags. Continuous […]

How CI removes the pain

Neal Ford, a man who has given a continuous delivery workshop a few times with Martin Fowler, writes an article which includes a brief history of continuous integration (CI). Neal also explains what and how to best practice feature branching, feature flags, and feature toggles.  Moreover, Neal tells his readers how other engineering practices can be damaged […]

Continuous Integration Is a Must Have for DevOps

This article by Lubos Parobek explains the importance of Continuous Integration (CI) and how it is a must have for DevOps.  Parobek defines what CI is, shows us how it is a process, and then tells us how it has a vast amount of benefits for software deployment. The need to ship code faster continues […]