Why Feature Flags?

Why should you use feature flags (also called feature toggles, flippers, switches, etc.)? Here’s what the community has to say about why they’re important.
  • “Feature flags are so so valuable. We use this for internal and private beta releases (we did with our recent launch of Podcasts) and plan to do this when we launch our new frontpage to start getting feedback from the community.”
    – Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt
  • “Feature flags are incredibly useful. We’ve made use of them throughout Trakios product life, particularly to slowly roll out features for testing and iterating on the UI. Great to see all the SDKs open source, we found this a huge help in Trakio too!”
    – Liam Gooding, CEO at Trackio
  • “I am really excited to never have to build another internal feature flagging service myself. So powerful!”
    – Sean Byrnes, Founder & CTO of Flurry
  • “Finally someone addressed this issue!”
    – Roman Zadyrako, CEO at Tooltip.io
  • Feature flag control is so effective that the big players – Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn – build and maintain elaborate systems themselves just to attain it.