Continuous Delivery Coding Patterns: Latent-to-Live Code & Forward Compatible Interim Versions

In this article, Luca Minudel discusses how to release faster without increased risk. He provides an overview of trunk-based-development & feature toggles.

Key takeaways

  • It’s possible to simultaneously increase speed and reliability of software development, and reduce risks; there’s no need to tradeoff quality and safety for speed.
  • Continuous delivery together with latent-to-live code patterns maximise the speed of learning from releases into production.
  • Automated remediation plans makes it possible to recover from show-stopper bugs quickly, safely, and painlessly.
  • Forward compatible interim versions make it possible for automated remediation plans to recover even in presence of backward compatibility breaking changes.
  • Trunk-based-development together with feature toggles are faster and more flexible than branching and merging, when dealing with multiple simultaneous parallel developments on the same code-base.

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