LaunchDarkly gets $8.7M for feature flag management

LaunchDarkly originally launched to nail a big pain point for developers that has been a luxury at larger companies for a while — soft-launching features and new code for a small set of users seamlessly and being able to quickly roll them back.

But since the company launched and last raised $2.6 million in June, CEO Edith Harbaugh and the team have found a new audience for that: the marketers and business teams within companies that want to be able to turn on those features for the right users. And that potential has caught the attention of investors, leading to a new $8.7 million round of financing led by DFJ, with Softech and Bloomberg Beta following on.

“Our original tagline was Launch, Measure, Control,” Harbaugh said. “We’ve expanded the definition of who in the organization can do that. We were focused originally on developers, we still love developers, but we want to put those capabilities into the rest of the hands of the business.”

Source: Techcrunch

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