Measure Twice, Launch Once

“Secured activation is an under-appreciated part of feature management. Your developers can deploy code whenever they want—but when it comes time to test it externally, or turn it on for everyone, you can use settings to make sure that only a select group of people has the permissions to do so. All the activation changes should be tracked and audited to ensure that all activations have an accountability chain.” – Heidi Waterhouse

Managing trunk-based development practices across an entire enterprise organization is no easy task. With so many feature flags in place and complex access permissions, things can rapidly become unmanageable at scale. Thankfully, tools like LaunchDarkly make that challenge far easier to overcome with features like their audit log, ‘Tags’, and Custom Roles. These tools together allow your company to improve its activation security, and properly avoid common deployment process pitfalls.

Heidi Waterhouse of LaunchDarkly discusses how these features help eliminate risk from the deployment process in the original article, here.