Mitigating Risk and Tolerating Failure

“Every individual problem is a rarity, something that almost never happens. But in aggregate, failure is incredibly commonplace. We need to treat it like a fact of life — it’s when we fail, not if we fail — and practice until it’s boring.” – Charity Majors

Feature flagging platforms offer a great deal of value to a company at face value, but many start-ups, SMEs, and large scale companies are beginning to realize that they enable DevOps practices like Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. One part of this benefit is limiting how catastrophic failure can be. Being human makes failure an inevitability, but the risk mitigation benefits that feature flagging has to offer can significantly reduce the impact of that eventual failure. Charity Majors brings this key point to the discussion in the recent episode of “Talking Technology” with New York Times CTO, Nick Rockwell. She mentions why failure should be tolerated, the hazards of instrumentation, and where technology may be headed in the future.

Check out the recent episode of “Talking Technology” here.