Feature Flagging at AdviseSolutions

“Feature flags increase the complexity of both the code and the testing process which makes it unnecessarily complex for our developers, our testers and our stakeholders when doing acceptance testing. Our policy is to only use feature flags when modifying existing functionality and never when implementing new functionality.” – Stefan Matsson

In this recent article, Stefan Matsson discusses the conservative approach he takes to feature flagging as a whole. Articles like these prove valuable for educating users on best practices so they can avoid the pitfalls of being overrun by technical debt and unorganized flag environments. Keeping track of flags properly can prevent your flagging system from turning from your most valuable asset to your most frustrating technical debt. Hopefully more articles like this can continue to educate users to avoid the unfortunate situation of being overrun by technical debt or otherwise unorganized flags.

Find the original article here for more insights into their use case.