Feature Flagging at AdviseSolutions

“Feature flags increase the complexity of both the code and the testing process which makes it unnecessarily complex for our developers, our testers and our stakeholders when doing acceptance testing. Our policy is to only use feature flags when modifying existing functionality and never when implementing new functionality.” – Stefan Matsson In this recent article, […]

Mitigating Risk and Tolerating Failure

“Every individual problem is a rarity, something that almost never happens. But in aggregate, failure is incredibly commonplace. We need to treat it like a fact of life — it’s when we fail, not if we fail — and practice until it’s boring.” – Charity Majors Feature flagging platforms offer a great deal of value to a company at […]

How Feature Flagging Platforms are Progressing DevOps

How Feature Flagging Platforms are Progressing DevOps DevOps fever is spreading fast as more companies begin to adopt the set of practices in order to boost efficiency while continuing to move at high velocity. From startups to enterprise organizations, companies around the world have become focused on enabling technical/non-technical collaboration and implementing tools that simplify […]

Measure Twice, Launch Once

“Secured activation is an under-appreciated part of feature management. Your developers can deploy code whenever they want—but when it comes time to test it externally, or turn it on for everyone, you can use settings to make sure that only a select group of people has the permissions to do so. All the activation changes […]

The Only Constant in Modern Infrastructure, is Change

When flagging systems begin to scale, things can get messy fast. Imagine multiple team members editing the same flag over the course of a project, but then something goes wrong. Thanks to the risk mitigation provided by your flagging system there isn’t much damage done, but what about accountability? In order to identify the last […]

Integrating Feature Flags in Angular v4

Like all good web frameworks Angular continues to release new versions providing opportunities to tweak and update your code. The benefits of Angular over its predecessor include a built-in compiler,type enforcement, and a complete re-write in Typescript. All valuable of updates for reducing agony within the software development lifecycle. If you’re thinking of making the […]

How Feature Flags Tame the Four-Heads of Complexity

This article by Jeffrey Lee of Tech Ladder highlights the interplay of feature flags and the four heads of complexity.  It illustrates how developers can deploy code more efficiently and without added risk by using feature flags. Feature flags generally manifest in two forms: boolean and multivariate (a type of feature flag that can serve […]

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