9 Tips For a More Secure Continuous Delivery Pipeline

You should take advantage of anything that can improve your continuous delivery such as reading the article contained in this post which mentions tips for a more secure continuous delivery pipeline.  The following is an excerpt from “DevOpsSec: Securing Software Through Continuous Delivery”, by Jim Bird. It’s important not only to secure the application and its runtime […]

Three Pillars of Continuous Delivery

Each developer and engineer has their own perspective in what they consider to be crucial in continuous delivery.  It is helpful to see all the different point of views to have a better understanding on what is needed to successfully achieve continuous delivery.  In his article, Robert Firek talks about what he considers to be […]

Maturity Levels of Continuous Integration

Do you know how many levels you have to go through before your continuous integration pipeline is perfect?  Yegor Bugayenko explains to us that he found eight of these levels and he presented them at DevOpsDays in Salt Lake City.  Take some time to read about each level and watch the video for more in-depth information such as […]

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Looking for a very brief summary on continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment?  Although it lacks depth, Hitesh_Mistry’s article might be beneficial for those who are getting introduced to the very basics. Introduction We generally come across terms like continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment while following Software model like Agile methodology. Mostly, these […]

Incident Management and Continuous Integration

Integrating a team’s incident management process into continuous integration can be a useful way to improve communication and transparency around failed builds.  Zachary Flower, a developer and fan of continuous integration, shares his thoughts on how to improve continuous integration and deployment in his article.  Zachary believes that one of those improvements would be by integrating […]

Why Continuous Deployment Is Terrible Without Continuous QA

CEO Fred Stevens-Smith talks about how continuous QA practices “ensures that you can get up to speed with of CD without sacrificing quality”.  Fred gives a bit of background knowledge in the appearance of continuous deployment and then explains how you can optimize for minimal risk, how to bring QA up to speed of CD, and […]

Just Enough Testing at Each Stage of Your Delivery Pipeline

The continuous delivery pipeline breaks down the software delivery into several stages but how do you know that the pipeline is working efficiently?  In his article, Gene Gotimer recommends having frequent quality gates that give feedback about the quality of the software.  The fastest feedback loops have to be applied as early as possible in […]

5 Traits of a Good Delivery Pipeline

Continuous delivery provides great benefits but how does a team know that they have a good delivery pipeline? In his article, Marcos Brizeno talks about projects he has worked on and the common traits that were missing when his team ran into trouble.  These traits are building quality into the product, providing quick and effective feedback, requiring minimal manual […]

Continuous Delivery Can Elevate Developer Productivity

An article posted by the G2 Crowd explains how an effective workflow can improve the work of all your developers while a bad workflow will compromise even the best engineer’s productivity.  The G2 Crowd also shows that the productivity of those developers will most likely affect the end user.  What better way to improve the workflow than to have […]

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