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Feature Branching Using Feature Flags

Engineering teams have adopted distributed version control systems like GitHub and BitBucket to allow collaboration between developers within a central codebase and use branches (feature branching) to make updates or develop new features.  Unfortunately, feature branching has some shortcomings such as having code to be reverted or redeployed when application features need to be enabled or […]

Powering Blue-Green Deployments With Feature Flags

In Justin Baker’s article, he explains what and why we use blue-green deployments with feature flags.  The old form of blue-green deployments was basically an all-or-nothing approach.  However, current blue-green deployment techniques help reduce risks in software releases. Blue-green deployments have long been a proven technique to mitigate risk in software releases.  By adding feature flags, […]

Using Feature Flags to Ship Changes with Confidence

For those who are new to feature flags, it might be helpful to read Mathias Meyer’s blog which introduces and explains feature flags for continuous integration. Mathias also gives a list of possible uses for feature flags besides the common disabling of features in production.  If you want to ship with confidence, use feature flags. Continuous […]

How CI removes the pain

Neal Ford, a man who has given a continuous delivery workshop a few times with Martin Fowler, writes an article which includes a brief history of continuous integration (CI). Neal also explains what and how to best practice feature branching, feature flags, and feature toggles.  Moreover, Neal tells his readers how other engineering practices can be damaged […]

Powering Continuous Delivery With Feature Flags

In this article, Justin Baker discusses the benefits of feature flags when applied to continuous delivery.  He demonstrates the benefits of flags as a way to enhance continuous delivery, not replace it. Adding feature flags into the continuous delivery cycle enables the separation of feature rollout from code deployment.  This allows teams to conduct percentage rollouts, […]

Feature Toggling

Have you ever had the delicate problem where you’ve made a new feature that the customer doesn’t wish to activate quite yet? – Marcus Hjortzén Yes Marcus, that has definitely happened in the past!  In his blog, Marcus Hjortzén explains how adding feature toggles would be the most convenient method for implementing a new feature that the customer wishes […]

Feature Toggles and Technical Debt – Management

In this article, Jim Bird discusses the implications of feature toggles and technical debt.  He talks about how they need to be well-managed throughout the entire lifecycle to ensure that your application does not become bloated with bad code and unused flags. Abhishek Tiwaridoes a good job of explaining feature toggles and how they should […]

How to use feature flags without technical debt

In this article from LaunchDarkly, Patrick Kaeding gives an explanation of how to properly manage technical debt when using feature flags/toggles. The advantage to managing cleanup this way is that you do the work to remove the flag when all of the context is fresh in your mind. At this point, you know all the […]

Agile Is Dead, Long Live Continuous Delivery

Miko from Gradle writes about how continuous delivery should replace Agile because the term Agile has become so watered down that it has lost its meaning. Agile had a long and productive life. Agile had a great run in it’s youth by taking on some obviously bad practices such as “Waterfall” software development. In retrospect, […]

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