Feature flag benefits & use cases
Starting Out
Getting started with feature flagging
Code Patterns
Avoiding technical debt
Best Practices
Release faster with less risk
Flags vs. Branching
Feature branches and feature flags
Blue Green Deployments
Reduce downtime and risk
Database Migrations
Using flags for database migrations
Implementing feature flags in your app
Feature Flag/Toggle Libraries
Key Literature
Feature Toggles
Theoretical and practical guide to feature toggles
By Martin Fowler, 2017
Feature Flag-Driven Dev
Benefits of integrating feature flags into your dev process
By Justin Baker, 2015
Flipping Out
One of the first homegrown feature flagging systems
By Ross Harmes, 2009
Avoiding Technical Debt
Best practices for avoiding technical debt with feature flags
By Patrick Kaeding, 2016
Feature Flag Implementation Examples
Feature Flag Github Guide
Getting started with feature flags and best practices
By LaunchDarkly, 2018
Feature Flags in React
Implementing feature flags in SPAs, using React and Redux Saga
By Justin B. & Arnold T., 2017
Scheduling Flag Updates
Synchronizing feature flag updates with deploys
By Yusinto Ngadiman, 2017
Feature Flags in Angular
Implementing Feature Flags in an Angular E-commerce App
By J. Baker & A. Trakhtenberg, 2017