Python Feature Flags

Python Feature Flag Resources/Solutions

LaunchDarkly Python Feature Flag SDK – LaunchDarkly

  • An installable feature flag software development kit for Python apps.  This SDK harnesses the LaunchDarkly app and allows you to target users and manage rollouts.  Feature flags are evaluated in microseconds.
  • Main Website
  • GitHub Repo

Flask Feature Flags – Rachel Sanders

  • “This is a Flask extension that adds feature flagging to your applications. This lets you turn parts of your site on or off based on configuration. It’s useful for any setup where you deploy from trunk but want to hide unfinished features from your users, such as continuous integration builds. You can also extend it to do simple a/b testing or whitelisting.”
  • GitHub Repo

Disqus Gutter – Disqus

  • “This repo is the client for Gargoyle 2, known as “Gutter”. It does not work with the existing Gargoyle 1 codebase. Gutter is feature switch management library. It allows users to create feature switches and setup conditions those switches will be enabled for. Once configured, switches can then be checked against inputs (requests, user objects, etc) to see if the switches are active.  For a UI to configure Gutter with see the gutter-django project.”
  • GitHub Repo

Forrst – Zurb

  • Discussion regarding feature flags for python
  • GitHub Repo

Flagon – Stephen Milner

  • “Generic feature flags for python which attempts to be compatible with Java’s Togglz ( A simple flag status api is provided under flagon.status_api. Example wsgi file can be found in contrib/wsgi. The status api requires werkzeug.”
  • GitHub Repo

Feature Ramp– Amanda Schloss and Anthony Yim

  • “Toggling and ramping features via a lightweight Redis backend.”
  • GitHub Repo
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