.NET Feature Flags

.NET/C# Feature Flag Resources/Solutions

  • LaunchDarkly .NET Feature Flag SDK – LaunchDarkly
    • An installable feature flag software development kit for .NET apps.  This SDK harnesses the LaunchDarkly app and allows you to target users and manage rollouts.  Feature flags are evaluated in microseconds.
    • Main Website
    • GitHub Repo
  • .NET Feature Flags – CodePlex
    • “Features Flags is a .net implementation of the feature flags technique (also known as Feature Toggle). Feature Flags are very useful to enable real continous integration. This implementation stores features state inside a SQL Server Database and enables dynamic activation from a WPF UI and from .net code.”
  • NFeature – Ben Aston
    • “A simple feature configuration system (or feature toggle / flipper / whatever you want to call it.). Feature configuration walls enable you to integrate your code earlier, which brings lots of goodness (such as helping to avoid branch merge problems.)”
    • GitHub Repo
  • FeatureToggle – Jason Roberts
    • “Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET. Install FeatureToggle easily via NuGet”
    • GitHub Repo
  • FeatureSwitcher – Max Malook
    • “FeatureSwitcher is little library build to support you when you want to introduce feature switches/toggles in your code. Before this library was born, the existed alternatives (nToggle, FeatureToggle and NFeature) was tested. The API of the first two is toggle centric it meens you have to decide while you coding how a feature is later controlled in production ex. using date range or database entry. Although the API of the last one is feature centric a feature must be defined as enum value what makes it complex for configuration.”
    • GitHub Repo
  • nToggle – Steve Moyer
  • Toggler – Manoj

Implementing Feature Toggles in .NET

  • “Learn what feature toggles are and how to use them in applications, and also how to use the FeatureToggle library.”