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PHP Feature Flag Resources/Solutions

LaunchDarkly PHP Feature Flag SDK – LaunchDarkly

  • An installable feature flag software development kit for PHP apps.  This SDK harnesses the LaunchDarkly app and allows you to target users and manage rollouts.  Feature flags are evaluated in microseconds.
  • PHP Client Github

Etsy Feature Flagging – Etsy

  • “The Feature API is how we selectively enable and disable features at a very fine grain as well as enabling features for a percentage of users for operational ramp-ups and for A/B tests. A feature can be completely enabled, completely disabled, or something in between and can comprise a number of related variants.”
  • Github Repo 
  • NOTE: No longer supported

Dzunke Feature Flags – Symfony2 Feature Flag Bundle by dzunke

  • “The Bundle will allow you to implement Feature Flags to your Application. Please Note that there is no Interface available, so the Flags must be configured directly in Symfony-Configs.”

Qandidate Feature Flagging Library – Qandidate Labs

  • “At we developed a feature toggle library that allows us to easily work with feature toggles. The goal was to minimize the barrier to use the toggles and be able to flip toggles at runtime, so we added an API with a Redis backend and a graphical user interface to flip the switches.”
  • Github Repo 

Rollout (for PHP) – Richard Fullmer

PHP Feature Flags – Jay Fienberg

  • “A simple PHP class for setting feature flags via HTTP cookie, URI query parameter or IP address. This is a PHP class that reads feature flags in URL query strings, browser cookies, and/or client IP address. These are only “on” flags–they do not represent values or states beyond “on”. The idea is: when a flag is absent, it is off, When a flag is present, it is on. The function then allows you to test for specific flags being present / on, using the above $ff->hasFlag(‘your-flag-name’) syntax. Note that this library doesn’t help you set flags per se–it just reads them.”
  • Github Repo 

SoCloz Feature Flag Bundle – Matthieu Bride

  • “A bundle to manage feature flags & A/B tests for PHP.”
  • Github Repo 
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